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  • 有神论还是无神论 – Religion or atheism

    “People continuously dwell on the existence of a supreme deity, but in fact the truth is laid out in such clarity that no further explanation is required.” A poised meditation on religious belief by sociologist Li Yinhe.

  • 阅尽人间春色 – Having seen the worlds beauty

    人生在世,一个主要的生活方式就是观赏。观赏自然美景,阅尽人间春色;观赏人工美景,阅尽人间美好。主要是争取置身事外,仅仅观赏,如果可能的话。 观赏是一项奢侈的事情,因为所有人都必须首先做事以谋生,除了维持自身的存在,还要养家活口,所以在有生之年可以取得置身事外的地位,是件很不容易的事情。出家人就是选择远离世事,置身事外,而一般俗众,则需要争取到这个地位,或者通过终身的劳作,或者通过刻意的选择,才能有幸得到。 当人到达了可以置身事外的地位,就能够用观赏的态度来度过生命的时光,就只是观赏,不再做任何事情。只有在这个时候,人生完全彻底变成享受,感观完全彻底变成愉悦。这才是生命的化境,是人生最美好的时刻

  • 真朋友是什么样的 – What’s a real friend like?

    Reflective soul, emotional alignment, and the unique capacity to make you feel warm, these are the features defining in a real friend.

  • 情是双刃剑 – Love is a double-edged sword

    Gender specialist and sociologist Li Yinhe offers a friend advice on how to handle passion disrupting his marital life. Her answer: poly-amorous ethics.

  • 岁数 – Maturity

    Why do we struggle to retain the appearance of youth? In this short piece, sociologist and philosopher Li Yinhe meditates on the pleasures of age.

  • 什么是真正快乐的人生? – What is a truly happy life?

    No matter what a brilliant career or what great achievements a person has, he is left with only himself in the end. The truly happy life is one continually aware of itself, one that continuously appreciates love and beauty, one continuously returning and reflecting on itself.

  • 性欲望及其界限 – Sexual desire and its boundaries

    Li Yinhe is China’s most famous gender and sexuality theorist. Her writings celebrate sexuality as a source of pleasure and personal growth, while insisting on ethical considerations. This piece offers a proposal for delimiting socially appropriate and healthy sexual behaviour.

  • 人类已经勤劳到犯傻的程度了? – Are we simply working too much?

    Sociologist Li Yinhe reflects on our work ethics: from her childhood, she learnt the value of working hard – but are we not simply working too much?

  • 论激情 – About passion – 论激情 – English

    Sociologist Li Yinhe reflects on the role passion plays in determining happiness – and how to live a happy passionate life.

  • 赞美孤独 – In praise of solitude

    Solitude is our real condition. It is beautiful, powerful, happy and free – a state we should embrace, not fear.